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Digital Art

Michael Kelsey 02/03/17

Birdy’s • Indianapolis

Photos by Chrissy Arvin  |  Digital Art by Jen Gray



Musicians, guitarists in particular, have some of the most intense expressions when they play.

This is not my original creative idea.  I was inspired by this site: SLUG SOLOS.

These are, however, my friends who have graciously given me permission to practice my photo editing skills and “slug” them.  I’m grateful for their humor and patience.


I'm not as random as you think I salad.

Some stuff will go here.  Eventually.  Not sure what yet, but oh, it should be good.






Logos, Posters, Etc

Logos, Posters, Etc.

This gallery contains samples I’ve worked on for clients and for fun.  Some things were used and other things may never have gotten past the brainstorming stage.

Jen Gray

Owner, Freelancer