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Music for Your Eyes

Jen Gray
Art & Photography
Capturing the Colors & Energies of Sound
When you see it, what do you hear?

I see the colors of music and auras.

I paint them.

a type of synesthesia in which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color
When I hear music, I see colors.
Ambience & Aura

a distinctive atmosphere or mood surrounding a place, person, or object

I see the colors of moods.

Abstract Art
a composition of shapes, forms, colors, and lines which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the real world


“Having Chromesthesia and Ambient Aura Synesthesia, the world I experience is a kaleidoscope of complex layers composed of vivid colors, passionate music, and vivacious emotional energies. I recognize my fortune in this gift and feel inspired to share it with others. Creating digital art is my humble attempt to translate the beauty of my unique perspective. My works are an extension of my hyper-aware senses.”  Jen Gray, Artist, Artographer & Synesthete

Above:  “Mind Flight”
Inspired by Brian Eno  |  Ambient 1: Music for Airports  |  Album
Chromesthetic  |  October 2017

Fine Art for Musicians and Music Industry Professionals

Bands     Musicians     Agents     Venues     Promoters     Media

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How I do it:

I listen to music in a private, isolated environment and create artwork influenced by the colors I experience and other elements of the music.

Chromesthesia is a type of Synesthesia in which sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color.

Chromesthesia is highly idiosyncratic. For me, the chromesthetic colors I experience are influenced by the pitch, tone, and timbre of voices, instruments, and gear, and the space in which the sounds are produced. As many variables as there are to produce a specific sound, those same variables produce different colors for me.

“Dear Life”
Inspired by Beck
Dear Life | Colors
October 2017




How I do it:

This artwork is best created through live experience with the gear in order for me to best capture the sound and aura.

However, I am able to create some pieces using personal photographs, details, and other information submitted to me by the client. 


“2018 Gibson ES-335”
Inspired by Gibson
Ambient | Gear
January, 2018




How I do it:

I attend live events (concerts, gigs, studio sessions, etc…) and create art influenced by the audio and aura of the environment.

Moods have often been associated with color: “seeing red”, “green with envy”, “feeling blue”, “cowardly yellow”.
Having Ambient Aura Synesthesia, I am hyper-sensitive to ambience – the moods, energies and sensations around me. I’m deeply affected by the feelings and auras of people, places, and things. I experience these feelings emotionally, physically, and through color.
“The Waiting is the Hardest Part”
Inspired by Jimmy Griffin
PettyCash Junction
Ambient | Concert
August 4, 2017
Johnny & June’s | Flora, IL

Inquiries & Quotes

Price is determined by several factors, including (but not limited to):
  • time
  • size
  • material used for printing
  • shipping
  • travel and accommodations
  • PITA tax 😉
For the best results, please plan to make arrangements for me to “shadow” the subject for a day/night- the more time, the better. To fully and accurately capture ambient personality details, I need to observe the subject in action and in close proximity- close enough to see facial expressions. I can sit in a corner, quiet and unobtrusive, though interaction with the subjects is better. I understand that discretion and security precautions are necessary, including background checks, NDAs, and security personnel. I will need to use a camera, cell phone, and tablet to take personal notes only, unless otherwise approved.

Jen Gray


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